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  • Commercial use license
  • Unlock HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP form code
  • Genuinely helpful email support
  • Royalty-free license valid forever
  • Zero branding

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  • 5 Commercial licenses
  • Unlock HTML, CSS, JavaScript & PHP form code
  • Genuinely helpful email support
  • Royalty-free license valid forever
  • Zero branding

Commonly Asked Questions

How does Formbakery differ from other form builders?

Formbakery is unique in that we provide the form source code for use on your server. This means you don't depend on Formbakery at all after the purchase. If Formbakery were to disappear, your forms would remain intact. However, other services require you to depend & transmit data to their servers for your forms to work.
Formbakery also charges a one-time license fee instead of a recurring service fee which results in massive savings.

Can you suggest a hosted forms builder?

Check out our solution at https://formkeep.com for a perfect hosted form solution!

Can I purchase a license for my client?

Yes, you can purchase on your clients behalf and use it on their website.

Do you provide refunds?

Yes. If the form doesn't work on your server, we will provide a refund. Please try to initiate the refund within a 7 day period but it's ok if you don't.

Can I change the look of the form?

Yes, Formbakery gives you all the CSS for your form which you can customize to your needs.

What happens if I need help setting up my form?

If you hit a snag, we'll help you sort it out. Email us at hello@formbakery.com.

What does the Formbakery license permit?

The license is easy to work with and very permissive. You can use your form for personal or commercial reasons and modify the source code to match your needs. Each license you hold permits you to host the form under a single domain. The license is valid forever.

What happens to my form data?

When someone submits a form on your website, all the form data is neatly formatted and emailed to you. The data goes from your server to your email inbox. It's that simple.

Will Formbakery work on my server?

Formbakery will work on any Sendmail enabled PHP server. If you're not sure about your server supporting Formbakery, it's very likely that it does. In the event that it doesn't work, you'll get a full refund so there is no downside in trying.

A note for educators

If you're using Formbakery for education please get in touch for a subsidized rate.

I have a question you haven't answered

Email us at hello@formbakery.com and we can answer any questions you may have.